"It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place... it's when we start spilling our sweat, and not our blood."

-David Hume-

This is a list of our team members, artists and their portfolios.

The following people have dedicated their time and effort to a cause far greater than themselves, we are grateful for their contribution to the LightHeartedHumans mission and    the greater global society. Much love. 


Some offer work that can be purchased,  or downloaded    for free.  



Maddie Cheek

Writer and Climate activist

Living in the Pacific Northwest, Maddie dedicates her time to writing on what it means to be a person in today's complex society, and how that ties into her passion of environmentalism. Former Co-director of the climate justice league, Maddie will forever be thankful to those that have sacrificed    to change their lifestyle to further their own happiness, as well as help the planet at the same  time. 



Musician, DJ and Co-Director of The Courteous Family

Anton, a creative with endless expression; so much so that he  is a resident artist, DJ,    and co-director at the courteous family, all the while  starting his own brand by the name of Anton of Earth, putting a folky twist on melodic guitar riffs. 




Joe Mascheroni is a graphic designer based in San Francisco, CA. His focus is in layout and ed- itorial design. Swiss Style design, Cy Twombly paintings and Harmony Korine lms are a few of his favorite things. This is his portfolio.


Liza Horn

Public Relations and marketing coordinaotr

Liza is a marketing and social media coordinator that helps startups find their voice, and their stylistic image.  Finding patterns and themes in customers and followers engagement, she helps articulate exactly what  strategies are most effective for any given brand and often helps redirect current programs to meet expectations. 


Stefano Mccoy

Photographer, and co-director of SBdronelife

Stefano is a photographer based in the Bay area that shoots landscape and portrait photography in the naturally beautiful diversity of the San Francisco Bay Area.  He also works on  a  Santa Cruz based start up building the first ever motorized  personal flying drones. (Yes, like a flying car) He draws on his knowledge of co-founding  SBDRONE life that has  quickly expanded into the fields of   remote location and landscape scouting, solar panel maintenance and repair , as well as large-scale real estate.  Either in hand, or in the air, Stefano will certainly always have a camera with him 

OR EDITS -Jess.jpg

Jessica Smith


Jessica Smith is a senior at the University of Oregon where she is majoring in Journalism with a multimedia minor. From Portland, she enjoys scavenging for mushrooms, editing photos in aesthetically pleasing coffee shops, and basking in the glory of Oregon's natural beauty. She has worked in various subgroups of the creative industry having worked as a model, personal assistant, and photographer for nearly a decade. In 2016, Smith made a departure from the fashion industry and returned to school to pursue her career in photojournalism.


Dmitriy Filonov

Graphic Designer, digital creator, and artist.

Dmitriy Filonov is a traditional pen and ink artist, producing his work with tangible materials before converting it into a digital format. Under the moniker DOME, he produces a variety of artwork, from woodburning driftwood scraps, to illustrating two dimensional characters and collage style full page drawings. Working out of his Los Angeles based studio, DOME has produced a mixture of art, ranging from commissioned logos to album covers and clothing designs. With a general focus on monochromatic drawings, DOME has explored an assortment of different themes in his work, all tied together by his free flowing, yet somewhat gritty style. 


Tyler Young

Environmentalist, Filmmaker and Photographer

Tyler is  an Environmentalist and  Filmmaker from California, Tyler has a hand in all aspects of creating and inspiring change through his documentary work. Focusing on  environmental education, health, and adventure, that all lead to better living, it's hard to ignore his personal approach to life and his matter of factness of discussion,    change, and action. 


Michaela Fishback

ink, watercolor, and oil painting artist

Michaela is currently studying environmental science and art at the University of Oregon. My main focuses are ecosystem biology and visual illustration arts. My goal is to be able to combine what I learn from each of these two areas to illustrate various elements and issues of our natural surroundings in a way that is accessible and captivating for all. 


Jakob Michon

fine artist and graphic designer

Bio: Jakob Michon is an illustrator, animator and graphic designer from The Bay Area. His styles focuses in on various hand drawn aesthetics. He finds that the element of human error is essential in the increasingly digital world. He draws inspiration from all kinds of talented people who have pushed their art forms in new directions. Jakob doesn’t believe anyone should take themselves too seriously as an artist. He likes to stay humble and tries to use art as a way push himself and try to learn from it. His art doesn’t have any super deep themes or metaphors behind them. He tries to draw what he thinks looks good and can represent him accurately. Drawing has always been a very therapeutic process for Jakob that allows him to get out of his own head. Some of his favorite artists include: Mark Gonzales, Justin Vernon, Damon Albarn and Frank Ocean.anAs an avid skateboarder for over a decade, Jakob sees as the integration of art in other aspects of culture as a way to draw further inspiration. Jakob just wants to continue pushing himself to get better as an artist and hopefully be able to find a way to live a life where he can do something that he feels passionate about.


Brian Amdur

Photographer, firefighter, & Adventurer

Brian is a photographer  currently documenting his journey as a wildlands firefighter in the Pacific Northwest while simultaneously creating photographic content for the Guayaki brand's instagram.  His images  are rooted in the outdoors and continually inspire others to get outside, get active, and get involved in making the world a better place.  ( Photo by Jake Smith) 


Ethan Wyman

River guide and expedition coordinator

Ethan’s Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy serves as a backbone to his goals as an outdoor professional. He actively seeks work with socially conscious organizations that consider radical experiential learning outcomes such as sense of place, understanding past/current/future ecological systems, and political boundaries manifested in recreative locations.  Ethan’s passion is getting the right artist to the right location, at the right time; in order to express a novel thought into the wider worlds’ consciousness. specializing    in rowing multi-day sections of river  that includes technical rapids up to class IV. Able to organize a river party (other guides included) within several months notice for the right trip. (Relative low costs as well). 3 years experience including classes, professional development programs and personal trips, in the vertical environment. Cliffs and canyons my friends. Wilderness first responder 3 1/2 years (Last updated March 2018)

hapa-2 (1).jpg

Tristan Fong

DJ, Creative director and co-founder of The Courteous Family

Originally hailing from the San Fransisco Bay Area, Hapa migrated south in 2014 and has since become an impactful character in the LA beat scene. Aside from his dark, other-worldly beats, he is also co-founder of the up and coming record label Courteous Family. Over the years he has devoted himself to the forward progression of music. Drawing inspiration from close friends like Tsuruda, Woolymammoth, Aztek, and Herzeloyd (to name a few), Hapa has had a hand in many unforgettable collaborative projects while accruing a deep repertoire of his own. Everything he touches radiates unmistakeable style. A true tastemaker down to the core, Hapa’s DJ sets are something you won’t want to miss.


Jack Shugrue

Director and animator

Jack Is a creative director focusing on film and animated media.  After studying both film and philosophy at UCLA, he is currently creating animated short films that are as thought provoking as they are aesthetically pleasing. 


Helen Kim

Graphic Designer, Animator, and Photographer

As a  New York  based  freelance creative, Helen works with brands that need fun , colorful, and  jaw dropping animations that come in all shapes and sizes. Having designed for newsletters, websites, and  social media, Helen has mastered the art of communication through graphics.


Jon Komeily

Financial Consultant, C0-Director of SB drone life

Jon is  a co-founder  of SB drone life, an FAA Exempt Arial Photography business based in the Bay Area. a company that started as a destination instagram for Santa Barbara  tourism, and quickly grew into something much larger. Today, SBDrone life travels all across the US both using their fleet of drones for social media marketing as well as industrial maintenance of solar panels, weddings, events, and much more!