-Jakob Michon-

fine artist and graphic designer


Bio: Jakob Michon is an illustrator, animator and graphic designer from The Bay Area. His styles focuses in on various hand drawn aesthetics. He finds that the element of human error is essential in the increasingly digital world. He draws inspiration from all kinds of talented people who have pushed their art forms in new directions. Jakob doesn’t believe anyone should take themselves too seriously as an artist. He likes to stay humble and tries to use art as a way push himself and try to learn from it. His art doesn’t have any super deep themes or metaphors behind them. He tries to draw what he thinks looks good and can represent him accurately. Drawing has always been a very therapeutic process for Jakob that allows him to get out of his own head. Some of his favorite artists include: Mark Gonzales, Justin Vernon, Damon Albarn and Frank Ocean.anAs an avid skateboarder for over a decade, Jakob sees as the integration of art in other aspects of culture as a way to draw further inspiration. Jakob just wants to continue pushing himself to get better as an artist and hopefully be able to find a way to live a life where he can do something that he feels passionate about.


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