-About us-

OUR MISSIon  is to bring environmentalism into the mainstream of creativity.

Lighthearted Humans is a non profit organization of creatives who want to do some good in the world in whatever way they might choose; and we help in two ways: First and foremost, we are a creative production company comprised of several artists and professionals across different fields. We work with nonprofits and other helpful companies who want to make an impact on the world. We help with consulting, branding, marketing, and project creation across many mediums. Secondly, we also create our own content for distribution in which all proceeds go towards environmental goods. We don't want to depress or distress anyone, but we won't baby you either. So let's work together towards our common goal of well being and contentment, and as always, lets
LightHearted Humans is a Carbon Negative Organization. Learn more below.  

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- What WE DO -

As our understanding of the environment grows, there is simultaneously an ever-growing   need for creativity in both innovation and rebranding of best practices. So we help  both new brands with groundbreaking ideas, as well as those who have been around the block, the true veterans in the environmental movement. 




Our ever-growing team of creators use their craft to help make the world a better place. Many of them are available for hire through their particular medium, to create content for brands, while a few core resident artists create content in-house for our LightHearted Humans branded projects.   


 We generally create two types of content here, commercial content which we are hired to do, as well as original content which we call passion projects. 

The income from our commercial projects is used to keep the Lighthearted Humans brand operational, anything not spend on project creation, or operating costs goes towards offsetting our organization's carbon footprint, and all income thereafter goes towards helping the world. 

-Helping Brands- 

Do you run a nonprofit? Create a sustainable product? Let us help your brand by making marketing material, overhauling your website, or creating prints for your workspace or gallery.  Brands have the option of  hiring our creators for their services, or providing us with styles  and the aesthetic you're aiming for and we can accommodate with our  resident artists. 


We think each and every company should take responsibility for their impact, so in our arts, we partner with the best brands that we can find, but no matter the partner, we always aim to offset the associated carbon emissions for that particular project along with the rest of our brands footprint. You may see our annual report here (2017/2018 reports coming soon) for more details.
We measure all of our carbon emissions  to the best of our ability through  our entire line of business including , but not limited to the following: 

Electricity use :
Time online and plugged in to unsustainable power sources  including our website, and social media presence 
All of our product shipping, both in and out are calculated by mode of travel and number of miles then offset accordingly. 
Many of our creators need to travel in order to create, so we offset their emissions for that as well
Our money is divested from the big banks on the Mazaska talks boycott list, though still has a carbon footprint,  so we offset that too
We  also make rough estimates of all of the things we need to operate including food on set when filming,  etc.