“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.” 

-Dalai Lama XIV-

Donations help us continue making the content we care about. We are not always considering the financial return of creative works, and that's why we are sometimes okay with our artwork, documentaries, and our photographs getting used for things that benefit everyone. 
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- How and why to donate -

Admittedly, sometimes donating is not the best way to use your money. Do you trust whomever your donating the money to? Will a nominal amount of funds actually make any sort of difference? Did you do enough research before donating? Which area of need is most pressing, world hunger, world poverty, or climate change? And does the charities program even function, because most have very little impact on their problem areas. 

We have consulted with an SF based organization 80,000 hours, to relay some important information to those who are thinking of donating. They claim that an effective organization is often more than 10x more effective than the next most impactful in the same sector. This occurs for many reasons, but it is apparent that research is needed for those donation dollars to go the furthest. That is why 80,000 hours recommends not donating to individual organizations like Greenpeace, or the red cross, they encourage donations to "Effective Altruism Funds" which conduct annual analyses that determine which organizations have had the most success across the past year. They do this across four different mediums including; Global Development, Animal Welfare, Long-Term Future, and the Effective Altruism Community. By donating to funds of this sort, individuals are able to pool their money collectively and collectively participate in programs which otherwise would have not been available to them.

Though when to donate should also be a consideration, 80,000 hours has produced this infographic to determine if now is the best time to donate, and often it might be more beneficial to save up not, and donate later. 

Donating for specific causes can be complicated, and that’s why we at Lighthearted Humans have chosen to focus on climate impact mitigation through our carbon offsets program. We focus on climate change because it is a pressing issue that will persist into the future, and every metric ton of carbon which os offset will make a difference. See our Carbon Offset practices here. Any donations that are given to Lighthearted Humans will go to one of two things:
  1. Paying for our operational costs which are not covered by our commercial projects. 
  2. Offsetting our organizations carbon footprint through the California Air and Resources Board quarterly auctions.
    So first off, we need to stay operating as a nonprofit, and secondly everything else We hope that you considering donating your time, effort, and money to the causes which you believe in, but as always, remember to donate wisely, and keep it lighthearted. 
Our full annual reports can be viewed in full transparency in our annual report here. (2017/2018 reports coming soon)