Lighthearted Humans Photographer Jessica Smith attended a Science and Memory program on the coast of Oregon. 
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Science and memory is a creative experiment in a new kind of learning, and storytelling
 one that goes beyond the scope and practicality of the classroom. 

The University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication leads students on immersive reporting trips to work with scientists practicing in the field. Students learn to incorporate exploration and narrative into scientific work that will help tell the story of the data in a way which the mainstream media is not providing. 

Giving meaning to the findings of climate scientists, ecologists, and biologists, showing areas that could be flooded by sea level rise, or damaged by earthquakes like the Cascadia Subduction zone, and doing so through visual storytelling as it becomes the standard form of media across the globe. This form of interaction between scientists, creatives, and those on the front lines allow people to tell their stories to those interested in listening, learning and Lighthearted Storytelling. 

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