Plastic Oceans Project Proposal


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Adrian Midwood - Executive Director - +1 236.881.1748 (

Tyler Young - Lighthearted Humans - (+1) 925.818.9906 (


Tofino, Victoria Island & Vancouver


Tyler and the rest of the team at Lighthearted Humans are a content creation production nonprofit and aim to help Plastic Oceans with their mission of

“Our Mission Is To Inform, Inspire and Incite On The Issue of Plastic Pollution.”

Hopefully we can work together to create any of the following: high quality educational and promotional video, and possibly photographs or graphics of, and relating to the upcoming First Nations Reserve Clean Up.

Relevant Links:


What Plastic Oceans does:


July 5th-8th Possibly* Promotional video -and/or- Recovery Station Story (Tofino)

Saturday July 13, 2019 - Corporate Sponsored First Nations Clean up


Project Vision


At Lighthearted Humans, our filmmakers have many talents and can produce various forms of video which is great in a social media marketing driven world.

Some take more planning and time than others, some are better suited for a website and some are for instagram, it all depends on what the situation calls for.

Style 1 - Style 2 - Style 3

Text only video (Takes time, but doesn’t require being “on location”) : (random explainer video)

Filming, Heavy Editing & Animations (good animations take a lot of time) : (Vox Video)

Quality video, Good Editing, no animations (Adventure Camp)



At Lighthearted Humans, all our photographers have the ability and equipment to do various photographic shoots.

We mainly focus on the following styles as they cover a lot of ground.

Style 1

Styled Photography : To give viewers the idea of what your brand represents. The main advantage here is that we can create styled sets or scenarios with precisely what you would like your brand to represent. I would also place portrait photography here as the best portraits need good lighting, framing, model cooperation etc. The main downside is that it takes a while to organize these things, most often lighting is required, and backgrounds , props, and backdrops are sometimes needed, cooperation between models, assistants etc. Shots often need time and planning. Styled photography is great for rebranding a whole website, or in using to pitch a project to future clients, as it is more detail oriented and cleaned up than documentary photography.

Style 2

Documentary Photography: An experienced photographer can create beautiful images in any scenario and that’s what documentary photography is; telling a story with what is available. The main advantage here is that it’s minimally invasive to the event, and captures what’s actually going on, but can be more involved, think street photography & wedding photography. The main downside would be that the shots may not be website ready for some corporate style sites that require a high quality of professionalism and minimalism in their product pages. Of course, styled photography can also be done on location to a good standard without the need for additional lights, backdrops, and assistants, etc. these types of detail shots do indeed help tell a story, though they may not be the “lead shots” which in documentary photography would be candid shots of the group, people, and the activity as it unfolds. Shots often depend on the event and willingness of the people.

Graphic Design

Our Designers at Lighthearted Humans love creating visual art that captivates and promotes great people, places, and things.

We focus mainly on two styles of graphic content, one is more statement and education driven, and the other is fun and lighthearted.

Style 2

Graphic based, colorful, fun.

Style 1

Text based, interesting, educational.



We understand that not all nonprofits can afford the high rates of Hollywood-style production companies, so luckily we’re not that!

We are a nonprofit, and were recently founded so we’re not asking a lot as we build our portfolio, but we will need to stay in business. We mainly provide photography, graphic design, printing, and video production services. In the case of Plastic Oceans, two-three professional style videos, and a few (10-20) relevant documentary style photos throughout the day for web & social. This, in our eyes, would be a big help to your mission at Plastic Oceans.

The videos might be on the topics of

1) Short Educational Marketing Video (to replace the 39 minute long presentation in your email signature)

2) An informational storytelling video & clips for web & social media on recovery stations

3) Corporate Cleanup of First Nations Reserve

These will cost anywhere from $1000 - $15,000 if you were to look to the freelance video production markets, quality obviously depending on price. Though here at Lighthearted Humans, as a Nonprofit, we also have a mission which is, “Creativity for a Greater Good” so we want to help you do what you do without charging an arm and a leg, though to be clear, we are always aim to deliver content at a quality higher than our associated rates in the freelance market.

Price Point Estimates


Quality: Excellence (Standard video style)

(2-3 days filming)

Package 1 - 3 videos to an excellent standard, quality time filming, interviewing, and editing.

$5,000-$15,000 (Freelance Market Rate)

$1,200 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 2 - 2 videos to an excellent standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$1000 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 3 - 1 video to an excellent standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$800 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Quality : Great (Standard video style )

(Most of the cost savings come in time spent filming at a videographer’s/ photographer’s day rate, less content to edit, color grade, etc. but less content to edit from for final delivery)

(1 day filming)

Package 4 - 2 videos to a great standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$1,000-$3,000 (Freelance Market Rate)

$600 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 5 - 1 video to a great standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$400 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)


(Quality can also depend on multiple location/day shoots and other factors, though usually not as drastically as video.)

Package 6 - 20-40 Professional Images (Documentary Photography) (unlimited rights for commercial use)

(Tends to be for event style shoots)

$300 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 7 - Studio/ Portrait photography (Stylized Photography) (unlimited rights for commercial use)

(Tends to be for website/rebranding shoots)

$600 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Social Media Content

(1 day on location)

Package8 - 5- 10 short instagram/facebook videos (Standard video style)

$200 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 9 - 10-40 professional images (Documentary Style Photography) for social media (limited-term social media rights)

$200 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Monthly Social Media Retainers available from $200/month

Graphic Design

Package 10 - Infographics/Logos/Charts & Graphs $50-$300 depending on intricacy and number of deliverables.


  • These rates are negotiable depending on quality and style.

  • Combining certain packages can lower rates significantly

  • There is also an opportunity for a reduced cost/free project creation i.e.

a few photographs of an event, or a short title video or your organization,

and while we will have to somehow prioritize our clients, we try to include as many diverse projects as possible

because while our creators need to be paid to continue doing the good things they’re doing,

they also understand that some causes similar to yours are worth some donated and dedicated time and effort.


Hope this helps in refining what a project with us might look like!

As you can see there are plenty of different ways a project can play out, so let’s do some brainstorming and come up with something that works for everyone involved!


-Tyler & the Lighthearted Humans team