Green Chair Recycling Project Proposal

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Summary & Review

6/18/19 - Tyler and Nuria spoke about a possible content strategy for Green Chair Recycling. As a company with a social obligation and mission, Green Chair continues to provide event recycling services and consulting on events to help make them more sustainable. There is a small dedicated team of individuals within the organization including Nuria & founder Liliana Segal who keep things up and running while volunteers help with recycling at events and also generate potential content that can be shared on social media. Green Chair would also like to expand into providing corporate volunteer opportunities which will cater to a different, and more professional demographic of people.

Tyler and the rest of the team at Lighthearted Humans are a content creation production company and could help Green Chair with their mission by providing two different videos: One that showcases past volunteers, and why donating time to Green Chair Recycling is worthwhile and fun. The aim of this video would be to bring in new volunteers and let old ones know they are helping make a difference. While video two will cater towards corporate volunteerism in a slightly more organized and professional matter. It’s aim will be to bring in new corporate business, as well as let them know that an experience like this one will be a bonding experience and help build relationships across and among coworkers while building a corporate ethos of care and sustainability.

I hope I was able to summarize your intent at Green Chair Recycling, please let me know if this is in line with what you were thinking!


Social Media Content Guide

We are not currently a consulting firm, but here are a few things we like our clients to keep in mind for the platforms you might be posting on.

In your scenario, it seems that you rely in part on user generated for facebook and instagram, and that’s fine as many brands do. I would suggest trying to stick to certain types of posts, and find a consistent theme where you pop in user submissions every once in a while when they work with that theme. In addition to this, I would recommend a professional look to your website which is your brands landing page, something that is very simple with strictly high quality content. This allows your brand to focus on volunteers where they are - on social media platforms, as well as corporate clients - who visit your website. The return on investment over time from a high quality website and display of mission is easily tenfold what it costs to create, and in turn this helps brands better achieve their mission. That’s why we have chosen this path in our own organization, because we at Lighthearted Humans know that good branding means more good work gets done.


We understand that not all nonprofits can afford the high rates of Hollywood-style production companies, so luckily we’re not that!

We are a nonprofit, and were recently founded so we’re not asking a lot as we build out portfolio, but we will need to stay in business. We mainly provide photography, graphic design, printing, and video production services. In the case of Green Chair Recycling, two-three professional style videos on the topics of:

1) Volunteer Education - 2) Volunteer Recruitment/Retention - 3) Corporate Volunteering

These will cost anywhere from $1000 - $15,000 if you were to look to the freelance video production markets, quality obviously depending on price. Though here at Lighthearted Humans, as a Nonprofit, we also have a mission which is, “Creativity for a Greater Good” so we want to help you do what you do without charging an arm and a leg, though to be clear, we are always aim to deliver content at a quality higher than our associated rates in the freelance market.

Price Point Estimates

Quality: Excellence (Requires 2-3 days filming)

Package 1 - 3 videos to an excellent standard, quality time filming, interviewing, and editing.

$5,000-$15,000 (Freelance Market Rate)

$900 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 2 - 2 videos to an excellent standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$700 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 3 - 1 video to an excellent standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$500 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Quality : Great (1 day filming)

(Most of the cost savings come in time spent filming at a day rate, less content to edit, color grade, etc. but less content to edit from for final film)

Package 4 - 3 videos to a great standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$1,000-$3,000 (Freelance Market Rate)

$600 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 5 - 2 videos to a great standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$550 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)

Package 6 - 1 video to a great standard, filming, interviewing, and editing.

$400 (Lighthearted Humans Rate)


Overall, I very much enjoy your mission of connecting the community to recycling, and think your aim to move into the corporate volunteer and responsibility space is a good one!

I hope we are able to figure out a project that would work for you, and look forward to hearing your feedback.

-Tyler & the Lighthearted Humans team

What’s next?

Practical Vision

This is a section which I hope we can create a vision for the proposed project, and work out the types of shots you want, interview content, design, length etc. For each of the prices listed above, at the moment, I am considering 2-5 minute videos, with sit down interviews or voiceover, possibly with some text, and some light animations. However, these could easily move in the direction of becoming more or less complex and below are some of those ways that the project can evolve. Different sorts of videos have different requirements, time constraints and costs. I can go further into detail on some of these things with some more direction!


(Various possible cost saving methods)

Text only video (Takes time, but doesn’t require being “on location”) : (random explainer video)

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 6.59.54 PM.png

Filming, Heavy Editing & Animations (good animations take a lot of time) : (Vox Video)

Quality video, Good Editing, no animations (Adventure Camp)

Screen Shot 2019-06-18 at 6.32.52 PM.png