Entry #001 Introduction : Tyler Young

Hello there, and welcome to the lighthearted humans blog! This is a short introduction to Lighthearted Humans as a brand.

Alrighty, so First off let me introduce myself, my name is Tyler and I am the founder and creative director of Lighthearted humans. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while  - starting a brand that gives back to the world - because for the last several years of my life I’ve felt this overwhelming urge to contribute to the world in a beneficial way surely you know whatI’m talking about and have probably felt this too. I wanted to live a meaningful life of substance and generosity and I still strive to accomplish this today. It’s hard sometimes! 

I often I struggle to connect with, or appreciate the people, places, and things that I have, and have had  throughout my life, and I think most of us struggle with this sort of thing. Our minds tend to race on to wander and wonder if we’re doing the right thing, and I think this ability alone, to consider our lifes path is something that I am amazingly grateful for, and certainly privileged to have. I feel that by actively choosing to try and make the world a better place, an ability we all have in one way or another, will eventually turn out for the better. So Im just trying my best to do something with that, and I’m extremely happy to say that a few awesome people have joined me in trying to do so. 

Artists, academics, writers, photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers and creatives in general including myself have come together to create this Lighthearted Humans brand which is a carbon negative, nonprofit, production company that uses creativity for a greater good. 

We’ve recognized that the world is becoming more visual, both in person and online, and for better or worse, that’s changing the way we communicate. So ultimately I think I speak for everyone involved when I say we feel that the worlds events, on a global scale could use a bit of creativity, a dash of color, and some positivity.  

It’s like things are so busy now, that sometimes we loose sight of what is truly important, and so all of us here are trying to shed some bright light on those things. And while almost all causes are a worthwhile pursuit,  what we aim to positively influence are… humans… and humanitarian aid, the environment, biodiversity, and the economics, psychology, and social structures which tie it all together.  These things are not sexy, sometimes they’re not even fun to talk about, but more of these conversations need to be had. And the more thought that’s put into these things, the more good people we have talking about them, they better they will get for everyone. That means equality, that means respect, that means love, that means forgiveness, and most of all that means letting go of all the things that lead us down the wrong path. 

So here at Lighthearted Humans, we want to encourage a global conversation of what it means to be human, and we’re going to use our platforms to do some of those things. Mostly mostly our interests lie in science, literature, economics and philosophy, but who knows, things change, however, I think we all know that while change is hard, it’s necessary to keep moving in the right direction, and core values don’t change often.  

So stick around, and drop us a line, let us know what you think and we’ll be in touch. 

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Tyler & Lighthearted Humans 

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This post has also been adapted into a podcast which can be found on apple and android devices. 

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