Entry #001 Introduction

So about us. Lighthearted humans is a carbon negative, nonprofit production company, that means we offset our carbon footprint, we are donation based, and we produce content for our own brand as well as helpful companies that are doing something good in the world. 

Together we are a collective of artists, filmmakers, photographers, writers academics, designers, and everything in-between. And our common mission is creativity for a greater good. 

In general, each one of our platforms where you can find us @lighthearted humans provides useful, interesting, and educational, content.  

Each one of our creators does indeed have a different mission in life, and some of those are reflected in their work, so you’ll probably see all kinds of topics from all sorts of perspectives here at lighthearted humans and even if some of them are conflicting, we don’t think that’s an issue because we aim to spark more conversations by making them much more interesting to talk about. 

And frankly that’s it! There’s much more exciting things I want to talk about, but that will all come in time, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of our day! 

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This post has also been adapted into a podcast which can be found on apple and android devices. 

tyler Young